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Founding of Ozyegin University

Ozyegin University was established in 2007 to serve as a unique university that will contribute to social development through its modern educational system, innovative life-integrated structure, interdisciplinary academic approach, and academic programs designed accordingly.. It is located in the Asian side of Istanbul. On the Bosphorus

Ozyegin University has prepared a pioneering educational plan in order for its graduates to obtain strong and specialized training that qualifies them to work upon graduation from the university. The university has contracted with many international companies to train its students.

Özyeğin University’s goal

Özyeğin University was established with the aim of serving the community as a research-focused, entrepreneurial education center integrated with modern life. In line with this mission, Özyeğin University offers an innovative, value-adding educational model for students to prepare them as entrepreneurial and resourceful graduates with in-depth knowledge of emerging professions, good command of at least one foreign language, highly developed ICT skills, and an absolute talent for putting their knowledge into practice. Özyeğin University strives to instill in students a passion and dedication to making a difference for both employers and their community by utilizing the skills, competencies and experience they gain in academia and in the real world.

The university also seeks to be ranked tenth at the local and European levels, and 200th at the international level.

Ozyegin University mission

The mission of the university is to create, share and apply knowledge in the service of society. The university’s applied research agenda creates useful knowledge. She shares her knowledge through our educational programs that change the lives of students at the university. Applying this knowledge generates economic benefits for society through start-ups and spin-offs, and by improving the efficiency and productivity of existing companies

Advantages of studying at Ozyegin University

  • Faculty members follow all modern and innovative methods, and advanced educational approach
  • Distinguished LEED campus and technology infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories and workshops,
  • Ozyegin University provides its students with career experience before graduation, thus preparing them for the future
  • Confessions by many European and international countries, including Egypt and Jordan
  • The university owns a large library that contributes to developing education and educating students in various disciplines, in addition to its role in supporting scientific research activities through its distinguished academic staff of various nationalities.
  • The university is one of the best universities to study engineering and professional aviation, as it concludes a training agreement with the Turkish company I-Jet for civil aviation

University majors

Specializationstudy yearslanguage of specializationFee before discountFee after discount
Hotel Management4English100006000
psychology4English $120007200
International Relations4English  $120007200
Law4Turkish $120007200
Business Administration4English $120007200
International Trade4English $120007200
International finance4English $120007200
Information Systems Management4English120007200
Industrial Design4English120007200
Visual Communication Design4English120007200
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design4English120007200
Computer Sciences4English120007200
Industrial Engineering4English120007200
Mechanical Engineering4English120007200
Electrical & Electronics Engineering4English120007200
Civil Engineering4English120007200
Aviation Management Program4English120007200
Professional Flight Program4English1200012000$

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