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What is the GRE test ?

What is the GRE Exam: It is a graduate evaluation test and is a standardized exam used to measure an individual’s ability to abstract thinking in the areas of analytical writing, mathematics, vocabulary,

Many graduate schools use this test to determine an applicant’s eligibility for the program.

The Graduate Assessment Test is mainly administered via computer.

But it can be given as a paper-based exam in areas that lack proper computer networks.

GRE Exam Parts and Sections :

The exam consists of three formal parts, but in most cases there is a fourth experimental part.

It is qualitatively identical to one of the three official parts,

And the exam is in English. You must have excellent English proficiency in order to be able to take this exam.

Part one verbal reasoning :

The computer-based verbal section assesses reading and comprehension, critical thinking and the use of terminology,

As each verbal section consists of 20 questions completed within 30 minutes,

Each verbal section consists of about 6 texts to complete, 4 equivalence sentences and 10 critical reading questions that include:

Knowing the usual routine terms, omitting antonyms and similarities, text completion has replaced sentence completion and new types of reading questions have allowed multiple choice.

Part Two Quantitative Thinking :

The quantitative section presented on the computer evaluates the basic mathematical knowledge provided in secondary schools,

Reasoning and Reasoning Skills In a typical test, each quantitative section of twenty questions is completed within 35 minutes.

Each quantitative section consists of about eight quantitative comparisons, 9 problem-solving paragraphs, and 3 data analysis and interpretation questions.

The addition of paragraphs includes entering numbers that ask the examinee to fill in the blank, and multiple-choice questions that require the examinee to choose one correct answer.

Part Three Analytical Writing :

The Analytical Writing section consists of two different articles, a problem solving essay and a discussion essay

Essays are written on a computer using word processing software specially designed by ETS (Educational Placement Testing Service).

The program allows basic computing performance only and does not provide spell checking or any advanced features.

The article is corrected and measured by the corrected readers (at least two) in six marks over the entire article,

If the marks of the two articles are equivalent, the average is taken for them. If the degree of the two articles differs by one point difference, the article is re-corrected by a third corrector.

Problem solving problems

So that the test taker is given thirty minutes to write an essay on any chosen topic, and the topics of the issue are chosen from among a set of questions.

Discussion matters

The applicant is presented with only one point of view, meaning that there are no options for topics.

The applicant should discuss it in a scientific manner that shows its weaknesses and strengths, and what might affect the credibility of the point of view, and 30 minutes are allocated for this task.

Distribution of marks or grades :

The passing scores in the verbal reasoning section range from 130 to 170

The grades of the Quantitative Reasoning section range from 130 to 170 degrees

As for the Analytical Writing section, its scores range from 0 to 6 degrees

GRE Exam Preparation

There are multiple resources available for those interested in taking the GRE exam, which consists of two test types,

Single-question practice, with more practice questions and a revision of the material, PowerPrep offers a preparation program known as ETS and is the organization that administers this test.

GRE registration and test cost

Registering for the GRE exam is a simple process, exam centers are located all over the world,

But you have to register for the exam well in advance, because the seats in the exam halls are limited and crowded as well, so you can enter the exam once a month.

The fee for this test is $160.