What is the Postgraduate Admission Test in Management ?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized assessment used worldwide to measure academic abilities for graduate studies in business and management. International business schools accept this test more than any other test, as the GMAT is the gold standard for admission to graduate studies in business. And when it comes to your success, there is no comparison. No other test will put you on the path to a higher salary, greater opportunities, and more career options. The GMAT allows you to hone critical skills in the business school classroom and in your career.

Who should take this test ?

High-quality graduate business programs worldwide rely on the GMAT as part of their admissions process, so if you’re serious about getting into a business school in your program of choice, the GMAT should be your first step. Over the past 60 years, business leaders around the world have begun the MBA journey with this test; Nearly 10 million students have taken it and passed it. You too can pass this test

How to pass the test

It is a test done over the Internet (the Internet); Therefore, it is necessary to learn the speed of typing on the keyboard in both Arabic and English, and for those who do not know can register for the (ICDL) course, which gives him a background on the computer, how to use it and use its applications, while learning to type in a fast way, and introduces you to how the computer works correctly and properly.

Test costs

According to the US dollar, such a test usually costs $300 to enter, and this amount does not include training courses, or even the study material, and most likely, the study material is available online for free, but there are institutions that sell the original approved version with a small difference.

In the end, through this test, you will be able to gain knowledge in the world of management and business more broadly, develop your analytical abilities, link between topics, and solve the most difficult topics after passing it.