Study in Turkey ?

Are you wondering about the reasons for studying in Turkey? Turkey is one of the countries rich in different cultures, as it has a long history and a distinguished present. Turkey combines the nobility of the past and the development of the present, making it one of the most distinguished and different countries. This is not surprising when we see Turkey in its position as the sixth tourist destination in the world. It is also one of the most distinguished countries in the field of education due to the development of the education system during the past decade, which is evident by attracting thousands of students from many countries around the world..

Turkish higher education institutions offer a minimum of two years of formal education. In recent years, Turkey has become one of the well-known study destinations because of its prestigious and world-ranked universities, in addition to which is one of the most famous scholarship programs around the world. The number of universities in Turkey is about 186, including 109 public universities, in addition to many specialized institutes. .

If you are wondering about what distinguishes Turkey as an educational destination, we ask you the reasons why students from most countries of the world choose Turkey for study

1. Study costs in Turkey are low

The costs of studying in Turkey are low compared to European countries, the United States of America and even some Arab countries. For example, the average tuition costs in public universities are 300 dollars annually and 2500 dollars in private universities, taking into account the quality of education in Turkish universities, and there are also which do not cover Not only tuition fees but also accommodation, insurance and travel costs.

2. The quality of education in Turkish universities

One of the most important reasons for studying in Turkey is the quality of education, as Turkish universities are distinguished by the quality of education, as there are many Turkish universities that are ranked among the best universities in the world, and since the race intensified between Turkish universities in order to reach the rank of international rankings, you find that Turkish universities are public and private in particular. It is racing to provide the best quality of education. In private universities in Turkey, you will find all the advanced educational means such as libraries located on its campuses and advanced laboratories at the latest level, in addition to providing the best student services such as comfortable student housing and sports activities such as playgrounds and gyms equipped for students.

3. The number of Turkish universities

The number of universities in Turkey has increased from 75 universities ten years ago to 182 universities so far. Turkey also plans to reach 500 universities by 2023.
Higher education is supervised and managed by the YÖK Higher Education Council.
Turkish universities have about 4 million students, including more than 50,000 international students. The number of international students arriving in Turkey doubles at the beginning of each academic year, and the number of faculty members in Turkish universities increases every year.

4. Scientific research budget

Turkey is interested in scientific research, as there are about 70,000 researchers in various fields. The proof of this is that the budget for scientific research in Turkey increased from 8.5 million Turkish liras in 2009 to 20 million US dollars in 2015 and thus Turkey becomes faster than the OECD countries in doubling the allocation of research and scientific studies, and Turkey is working to increase the budget of Scientific research by 2023.

5. Low cost of living in Turkey

Living costs in Turkey are low for students compared to other countries, so we can say that the student needs an average of 400-600 dollars per month according to the standard of living chosen by the student, and administrative fees are approximately 100 to 150 dollars per semester.

You will find everything that suits the lifestyle you seek. By entering the shops and malls, you notice the distinguished diversity of living. You will find in all the shopping places, which are widely spread in Turkey, brands and high prices, and also you will find nearby shops that offer their products at discounted prices, all of which meet in one place to serve all Levels and do not forget that Turkey, especially Istanbul, is one of the most important shopping destinations, as one of the largest malls in Istanbul is called the Mall of Arabia.

6. Ease of obtaining a student visa in Turkey

One of the most important reasons for studying in Turkey is the ease of obtaining a study visa. After obtaining university admission, the student can apply to the Turkish embassy in his country with the necessary papers to extract a study visa in Turkey easily.

7. Student health care

There are medical centers in all universities in Turkey. However, international students are strongly advised to come to Turkey with a valid health insurance policy. In addition to the presence of medical colleges and hospitals in some universities, where students can receive treatment for free.

8. Free Turkish Scholarships

The scholarship program in Turkey is

One of the most famous scholarship programs around the world, as it includes all academic disciplines, and there are at least 4,500 scholarships offered by the Turkish government to foreign students from all over the world every year and start in January of each year, and most of them are fully funded by the Turkish government

9. Turkey’s ideal location

Turkey has always been known as “the bridge that connects the world together” or “the meeting point of East and West.” These two concepts are absolutely correct, as Turkey’s distinctive geographical location makes it the link between Europe and the Middle East, which makes life in it different due to the harmonious blending of different cultures and viewpoints with each other. some.

This distinguished aspect makes a good life for students in Turkey and a unique environment for learning and finding different experiences in addition to creating many unforgettable memories.

10. Wonderful nature

When we talk about Turkey, we are talking about the sixth tourist destination in the world. Turkey has more than 5,000 miles of coastline and is washed by the waters of four completely different seas, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north and the little Marmara Sea just below Istanbul. Turkey has many wonderful tourist places classified as the most attractive places for tourists in the world at very low prices compared to the rest of the countries, for example, the city of Antalya is considered one of the most wonderful tourist places in the world and has hosted more than 5 million tourists in the first half of 2019 You can book a flight ticket The interior from Istanbul to Antalya is equivalent to only 150 lira, and you can spend a night in a luxury hotel for an average of 150 lira, in addition to very cheap prices compared to major cities such as Istanbul

11. Entertainment

In every region and in every city, many cultural and regional activities take place throughout the year. Many festivals, religious activities or public holidays, summer performances and concerts are available to spectators. Students will also have the opportunity to go to cinemas, theaters and concerts,

They will have plenty of opportunities to entertain themselves in the campus life as many student clubs organize many entertainments.