Universities in Turkey: a tour inside Kadir Has University

Getting to know the universities in Turkey and taking a tour inside one of the best universities in Istanbul: Kadir Has, will help you decide. Take a tour with us inside the campus of Kadir Has Seibali University, which has an area of ​​45,000 square meters with a distinctive view of the sea.

A tour inside Kadir Has University

A huge facility with 6 faculties and modern classrooms, when you enter the main building you will soon notice a cafeteria and a restaurant on the ground floor. The facility consists of several floors with large areas, and includes 21 laboratories for various purposes, including computers, or laboratories for engineering and communications specialties. The university has a large library that contains a huge number of books in various languages ​​and research and electronic resources to serve the research students.

There is an international cooperation office through which nearly 200 cooperation agreements have been concluded in 51 countries, and it provides opportunities for student exchange. The university also includes a museum designed with the latest designs and includes many paintings, handicrafts and antiques. All university students receive applied education in the university’s studios and theater, and a moot courtroom for training students of law programs. And a number of workshops to implement the ideas of students of the College of Engineering and Communications departments. In addition to the presence of an academy for continuous learning, the university provides various training courses, whether online or face-to-face at the headquarters of the entity that provides the training course.

Research centers within Kadir Has University

Students find 6 diverse core research centers within Kadir Has University as follows:

• Center for Energy and Sustainable Development

• Research Center for Mathematical Sciences

• Istanbul Studies Center

• Center for Gender and Women Studies

• Center for European and International Studies

• Center for Infrastructure Protection and Cyber ​​Security

Student activities are the most important characteristic of universities in Turkey

Kadir Has University has 40 student clubs, in order to complete the plan to develop students’ personal skills and provide them with opportunities to participate in organizing various conferences, activities, and various events at the university. Next to the student clubs, students who love sports and who want to learn and practice, will find around 17 different sports teams within the university campus. Examples of student clubs include:

• Debate Club

• Employment Club

• Engineering Club

• Model United Nations نموذج

• EU Model

It is normal that you see pets on campus, because they are welcome. It is also possible for students to organize ceremonies and have fun on campus. Students feel a sense of belonging and a very good relationship with the faculty.