What does high school diploma equivalency mean ?

It is a mandatory procedure for accrediting the secondary certificate issued from outside Turkey to become equivalent to the Turkish secondary certificate, and it is a prerequisite for continuing the bachelor’s study in private and public Turkish universities.

How can I equalize my high school diploma ?

The student can equalize the secondary certificate either through the Turkish embassy located in his town or through the center of the Directorate of Higher Education in Turkey (ill Mili Eğitim_Müdürlüğü).

What are the documents required for the equivalency ?

1- The original secondary certificate with the transcript or transcript (for the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades) certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the student’s country

2- A copy of the passport (including the visa or entry stamp to the Republic of Turkey)

3- Translating the certificate, the transcript of grades (statement of grades) for the second secondary stage, into the Turkish language and its ratification

4- A copy of the university admission or Turkish residence permit, if available

Second: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Students graduating from Turkey also from outside Turkey do not answer the equivalency of their bachelor’s degrees to continue the master’s stage unless the specialties are health, such as human medicine, dentistry and other other specialties

Medicine: Those who want to work as a medical practitioner/general practitioner must apply to higher education (G.P.).

(The authority’s website – YÖK)

Note :

Some will take a test and some will modify their certificate without a test.

Of course, our Arab countries are among the countries whose students need a test, but there are some universities in some countries, such as: Germany, the United States and others, which are exempt from tests and amendments and accept their certificates directly, and this is according to the rules written on the ministry’s website.

As for the one who was a specialist and wanted to work as a specialized doctor, he must apply for the amendment to the Ministry of Health, and the ministry would transfer him to a university or government hospital to test the student in his specialty, and by passing the test, his certificate would be accepted in Turkey.

Any doctor who has not graduated from Turkey needs a full year to learn the Turkish language, and needs to finish it and obtain a certificate that proves his mastery completely.

What test do doctors take ?

The test that general practitioners undergo is called TOS test, which is the central specialty test for doctors in Turkey. It must be prepared, and its questions are in Turkish, and it is organized twice a year, April 4 and September 9.