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Founding of Istanbul Gelisim University

“Istanbul Glissim University” was established in 2008 and the university continues its educational activities in 57 undergraduate programs in 3 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 schools, 2 vocational schools, 27 master’s programs and 6 doctoral programs

The university has more than 31,000 students at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

One of the most important features of Istanbul Gelişim University is that it has obtained many local and international recognitions, specifically recognitions from many European institutions.

Istanbul Gelişim University offers a huge research complex consisting of more than 125 laboratories catering to students. Also 21 research centers and 81 student clubs allow students to participate in social, cultural, scientific and sporting activities outside the classroom environment.

Mission of Istanbul Gelisim University

To be one of the global universities that create value for continuous development

Open to scientific and technological developments, self-confidence in every field, teamwork and ethical values

Possess critical thinking and problem-solving skills with the goal of being an industry leader and proactive behavior

Take social responsibility, explore the world of development and gain alternative worldviews

To nurture indigenous individuals who are equipped with awareness and who look to the future with hope, determination and faith

To be an institution in its place physically, digitally, socially, culturally and psychologically

Vision Istanbul Gelisim University

Providing high quality and professional education

Establishing a global research network and joint ventures with internationally recognized schools

Efficient and sustainable university business

Accelerate global development by conducting interdisciplinary and informative research.

Enhance current training opportunities by creating a corporate culture based on participation and teamwork with its administrative staff,

Advantages of Istanbul Gelişim University

  • The university is distinguished by more than 54 international and European accreditations, German, British and American accreditations such as: AHPGS, PEARSON, AQAS, ABET
  • The attention station for foreign students, as the university contains more than 3000 foreign students from 52 countries.
  • 82 cultural exchange programs such as the European Erasmus Program
  • 81 bilateral agreements and cooperation with 102 international universities.
  • The adoption of the English language as the main language in teaching.
  • The university provides students with an opportunity to explore different ways of learning, through modern technology laboratories that work in order to transform theoretical knowledge into applied practice in all disciplines.
  • The university is distinguished by 19 research and applied centers, such as computer technologies and robotics
  • The university provides students with a GPA of 2.72 out of 4.00 in their major, a guarantee that they get to study another major for free
  • A university equipped with the latest technology that allows a student to discover different and exciting ways of learning.
  • High-tech laboratories are available to transform theoretical knowledge into practice in all departments. There are 112 laboratories in total

Application and Research Centers of Istanbul Gelisim University

The application and research centers of Istanbul Gelişim University are the units that are constantly improving in their fields of implying purpose

From its inception, direct science and technology, aims to find solutions to the problems and needs of society, support academics and

Students carry out their research in practice and contribute to its collaboration by keeping abreast of national and international developments

It implements academic and scientific research through the application and research centers at the university, which are active in

different areas and keep abreast of current developments closely.

  • Center for Research and Application of Computer Robotics Technologies
  • Research and Application Center for Scientific Research Projects

Application of environment, urbanization and earth sciences

Center for Research and Application of Economic Policy

  • Istanbul Application Studies and Research Center
  • Training and Research Center for Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Center for Research, General Applications and Community Research
  • Research and Application Center for Career Guidance
  • Automotive Technology Research and Application Center

Center for Political and Social Research and Research

  • Center for Research and Application of Social Responsibility
  • Continuing Education Research and Application Center
  • Technology Transfer Office Research and Application Center
  • Turkish and Foreign Research and Application Center
  • Center for Life Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Research and Applications
  • The New Generation Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Application

University majors

Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before discountafter discount
Associate of Civil Air Transport Administration2English - Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Civil aviation cabin services2English - Turkish$5,500$2,750
foreign trade2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Dental Prosthetics Technology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Air transport2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Aircraft technology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of translation and application of the English language2English / Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Information Security Technology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Electronic technology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Automotive technology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Banking and insurance2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Computer Programming2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Computer technologies2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN AND ANIMATION2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Construction Technology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Culinary2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Electrics2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of fashion design2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Flight Operations Management2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Food technology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of graphic design2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Human Resources Management2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Interior decoration design2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Justice2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Maritime and Port Management2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Mechatronics2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Mechanics2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Occupational Health and Safety2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of public relations and advertising2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Preparing radio and television programmes2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Logistics services2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Sportsmanagement2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Tourist guides2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Anesthesia2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Audiometry2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Biomedical Device Technology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Hemodialysis2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Child development2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Electroneurophysiology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of first aid and emergency2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of AUTOPSY ASSISTANT TRAINING2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of FOOD QUALITY CONTROL AND ANALYSIS2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of HAIRCARE AND BEAUTY SERVICES2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Management of health institutions2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Medical Imaging Techniques2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Operating Room Services2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of medical laboratory techniques2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of ORAL AND DENTAL HEALTH2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Pathology Laboratory Techniques2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of PHYSIOTHERAPY2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Podology2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of Radiation Therapy2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Associate of DIALYSIS2Turkish$5,500$2,750
Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before discountExpenses after discount
Bachelor of Dentist5Turkish22000 $ 11,500.00
Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering4English$7,500$5,250
Bachelor of Civil engineering4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Architecture4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Interior architecture and environmental design4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Finance and Economics4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Aviationmanagement4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of English language and literature4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of BusinessManagement4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Psychology4English$7,500$3,750
Bachelor of International Trade and Finance4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts4English7500 $ 3,750.00
Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation4English / Turkish7500 $ 4,000.00
Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Logistics management4English$7,500$3,750
Bachelor of Nursing4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Child Development4English$7,500$3,750
Bachelor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation4English$7,500$4,000
Bachelor of Aviation Engineering4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of New Media and Communication4Turkish7000 $ 3,500.00
Bachelor of computer engineering4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Civil engineering4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of industrial engineering4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of architecture4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Interior architecture4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Finance and Economics4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Public Relations and Advertising4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Aviationmanagement4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Aircraft Maintenance and Repair4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Business Administration4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Psychology4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Sociology4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Tourist guides4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Turkish Language and Literature4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of International Business and Trade4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Logistics management4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of International Trade and Finance4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Advertising4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Management information system4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Graphic Design4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Interior Design4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Interior architecture and environmental design4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Communication Design4Turkish7000 $ 3,500.00
Bachelor's degreeCinema, television and radio4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of nursing4Turkish$7,000$3,500
VBachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of child development4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Audioology4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Social Service4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Healthcare Management4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of Perfusion4Turkish$7,000$3,500
Bachelor of TELEVISION REPORTING AND PROGRAMMING4Turkish7000 $ 3,500.00
Bachelor of Language and Speech Therapy4Turkish7000 $ 3,500.00
Bachelor of Banking and Insurance4Turkish7000 $ 3,500.00
Preparatory year for language studyone yearTurkish$1,250$1,250
Preparatory year for language studyone yearEnglish$7,500$3,750
Specializationmaster systemthe languageExpenses before discountExpenses after discount
Master of Economics and Financewithout the messageEnglish - Turkish$6,0003000$
Master of Economics and Financethe messageEnglish$7,000$4,000
Master of Political Science and Public Administrationthe messageEnglish$7,000$4,000
Master of Business Administrationwithout the messageEnglish$6,0003000$
Master of Business Administrationthe messageEnglish$7,000$4,500
Master of Business Administration (Distance Education)without the messageEnglish$6,0003000$
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringthe messageenglish$7,000$4,000
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Civil Engineeringthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Aircraft Engineeringwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Aircraft Engineeringthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Economics and Financethe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Tourism Guidancewithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Nutrition and Dieteticswithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Public Relations and Advertisingwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of International Logistics and Transportationwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Political Science and Public Administrationwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Political Science and Public Administrationthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Political Science and International Relationsthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Business Administrationwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)without the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Business Administrationthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Sociologywithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Sociologythe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Occupational Health and Safetywithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Occupational Health and Safetythe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Training and Movement Scienceswithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Training and Movement Sciencesthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Sports Managementwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Sports Managementthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Healthcare Managementwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Healthcare Managementthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Security Studiesthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Child Developmentwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master Child Developmentthe messageTurkish$7,0003000$
Master of Visual Communication Designwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Visual Communication Designthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Gastronomy Artswithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Gastronomy Artsthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of International Trade and Logisticswithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of International Trade and Logisticsthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of EngineeringManagementwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of EngineeringManagementthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Architecturewithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Architecturethe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitationthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Psychological and Social Aspects in Sportwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of Psychological and Social Aspects in Sportthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of New Media, Communication and Journalismthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Audioologythe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Radio, Television and Filmthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Mechatronics Engineeringthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of AviationManagementwithout the messageTurkish$6,0003000$
Master of AviationManagementthe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Addiction Psychologythe messageTurkish$7,000$3,500
Master of Psychologywithout the messageTurkish$9000$4,500
Master of Psychologythe messageTurkish$12,000$6,000
Master of Clinical Psychologywithout the messageTurkish$12,000$7,500
Master of Clinical Psychologythe messageTurkish$15,000$10,000
Specializationstudy durationthe languageExpenses before deduction for the programExpenses after deduction for the program
PhDs in CIVIL ENGINEERING4Turkish$16,000$8,000
PhD in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION4Turkish$16,000$8,000
PhD in Economics and Finance4English$16,000
PhD in Economics and Finance4Turkish$16,000$8,000
PhDs in Gastronomy4Turkish$16,000$8,000

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