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Istanbul Aydin University was founded 

Under the supervision of the Anadolu Foundation for Education and Culture in 2003. Istanbul Eden University is considered the largest university that hosts foreign students from all over the world, as the university includes 5,500 foreign students, due to its possession of many European, American and Arab recognitions. The university is considered one of the best private Turkish universities as a result of its contribution with its academic units in the scientific and technological fields at the local and international levels. Istanbul Aydin University aims to be among the “Top 5 Universities in Turkey and Top 500 Universities in the World” in 2023

Mission of Istanbul Aydin University 

To be an institution that serves society through education that delivers world-class basic, applied and interdisciplinary research and mastery of professions that accelerate the transformation of information into a product with the technologically updated infrastructure required for top-level education, training and research.

Prepare students as competent individuals in their professions for an environment of global competition and cultural differences by taking into account their individual differences by creating a campus with physical conditions that contain different cultures and international elements.

To create national and international cooperation with academia, companies and NGOs,

To enhance individuals and society in lifelong learning,

To become the center of attraction in the national and international arenas for students and academics

University vision

Istanbul Aydin University embraces an understanding of excellence in education and training and the vision of the university is to become an institution of higher education where sustainable innovation prevails and individuals learn who will benefit humanity by transforming knowledge into production and by gaining professional competence in education programs that can renew themselves in line with changes Contemporary, where sustainable innovations appear

Istanbul Aydin University in numbers

4500 students, including 5500 foreign students from all over the world

1500 faculty members and 50,000 alumni

80,000 partners around the world and 450 educational collaborations with international universities

83% employment rate for university graduates

63 bachelor’s degree programs, 74 master’s degree programs and 17 doctoral degree programs.

3 programs for distance learning

11 colleges and vocational schools for higher education

30 research centers and 50 student clubs

One of Turkey’s leading technology laboratories: PROF. 1 Aziz Sankar Technology Center

1 hospital for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and 21 basic medical science laboratories.

Why study at Istanbul Eden University?

  • The university has the best campus, which is located in the title of Istanbul in the European parts and has 11 campuses in the heart of Istanbul, providing easy access to many social and cultural activities.
  • A non-profit organization recognized in Europe, America and the Arab world
  • The university offers a wide range of academic programs in order to meet the requirements of the labor market in the global economy.
  • The campus is equipped with the latest technological developments in engineering, health sciences as well as art and design, workshops and studios
  • Istanbul Aydin University offers its students
  • Integrates practical education and theoretical application in various educational programs
  • It offers many study abroad opportunities to all its students at its partner universities abroad and cultural exchange programmes
  • An active member of the Erasmus European Student Exchange Program
  • The university supports its students with many applied programs in the largest Turkish and international companies during study, in addition to support after graduation by adopting a lifelong education approach; It provides a free career planning service for students and alumni through the Career Center
  • The university joins many events, conferences and activities such as the Spring Festival and International Student Day

Research Centers at Istanbul Eden University

Civil Engineering Laboratories: One of the most modern laboratories equipped with the best technologies to assist architecture and civil engineering students in conducting construction and materials science tests.

Aziz Sankar Technology Center: It includes the laboratories of the College of Engineering (Food Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and with the help of researchers and academics, students can conduct their scientific research

Food Analysis Laboratory: It was established for the purpose of providing applied education in instrumentation analysis to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department of Food Engineering

Astronomy Center: which specializes in conducting research on astronomy and providing courses and facilities for researchers in this field

Etisalat Studios

Career Development Center


For our students from Yemen, Sudan and Somalia, the undergraduate tuition fee is $4000 instead of $5000

University majors

Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before discountafter discount
Associate of Business Management2English3000$$2,700
Associate of Civil Aviation Administration2English3000$$2,700
Associate of Applied English to Turkish Translation2English3000$$2,700
Associate of foreign trade2English3000$$2,700
Associate of computer programming2English3000$$2,700
Associate of computer programming2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of computer programming (distance learning)2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of foreign trade2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Biomedical device technology2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Dental Pros Technology2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Justice2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Marketing2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Business Management2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Banks and Insurance2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of construction technology2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Architectural restoration2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Construction preview2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of printing and publishing technologies2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Accounting and tax applications2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of fashion design2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Graphic Design2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Applied Russion to Turkish Translation2Russian$2,700$2,700
Associate of Applied Spanish to Turkish Translation2Spanish$2,700$2,700
Associate of anesthesia2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of aircraft technology2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Civil Aviation Administration2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Civil aviation cabin services2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of child development2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Pharmacy services2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Hemodialysis2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Cookery2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of electricity2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of food technology2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Food quality analysis and control2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Hair Care and Beauty Services2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Health facilities management2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Human Resources Management2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of mechanics2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of logistics2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of medical imaging techniques2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of medical laboratory techniques2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Occupational Health and Safety2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Occupational Health and Safety (distance learning)2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Opticianry2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Oral and Dental Health2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Pathology Laboratory Techniques2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of injection techniques2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Photography and Cameramanship2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Physiotherapy2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of public relations and advertising2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of preparation of radio and television programmes2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Radiotherapy2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Design and production of shoes2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of social services2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Operating room services2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Tourist guides2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Tourism and Hotel Management2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Office management and executive assistance2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of local administrations2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Neurophysiology2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of electronic technology2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of first aid and emergency2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Secretarial and medical documentation2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Audiometry2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of jewelry design2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Associate of Automotive technology2Turkish$2,700$2,700
Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before discountExpenses after discount
Bachelor of Medicine6English$19,500$22,000
Bachelor of Medicine6Turkish$16,000$22,000
Bachelor of Dentistry5English$17,500$20,000
Bachelor of Dentistry5Turkish$14,000$20,000
Bachelor of Civil Engineering4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Architecture4English$6,000$5400
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Computer Engineering4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Software Engineering4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Software Development4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Business Administration4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Management Information System4English$6,000$5400
Bachelor of International Trade4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of Political Sciences and International Relations4English$6,000$5,000
Bachelor of English language and Literature4English$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation (English)4English$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Teacher Training in English4English$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation (Russian)4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation (Arabic)4Arabic$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Teacher Training in Arabic4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Teacher Training in Turkish4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Teacher Training in Mathematics at Primary School Level4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Teacher Training at Pre-School Level4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Teacher Training at Primary School Level4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Special Education Teacher4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Psychological Counseling & Guidance4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Advertising4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of New Media and Communication4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Public Relations and Presentation4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Public Relations and Advertising4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Visual Communication Design4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Television News and Programming4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Management Information System4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of ArtsManagement4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Drama and Acting4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Graphic Design4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Cartoon and animation4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Fashion and Textile Design4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Digital Game Design4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Radio, cinema and TV4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Sport Management4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Trainer Education4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports Teaching4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of Recreation4Turkish$4,000$4,000
Bachelor of History4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Nursing4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Healthcare Management4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Audioology4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Child Development4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Psychology4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Sociology4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Business Administration4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Public Administration4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Economics and Finance4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Accounting and FinanceManagement4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Law4Turkish$4,500$50,000
Bachelor of Social Services4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Turkish language and Literature4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Food Engineering4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Civil Engineering4Turkish$4,500$4,500
Bachelor of Architecture4Turkish$5,000$5,000
Bachelor of Interior Architecture4Turkish$5,000$5,000
Bachelor of Industrial Product Design4Turkish$5,000$5,000
one yearEnglish$5,025$5,025
one yearTurkish$300$300 (per level)
Specializationmaster systemthe languageExpenses before deduction for the programExpenses after deduction for the program
Master of Banking and Insurancethe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Banking and Insurancewithout the messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Banking and Finance (Online)without the messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Human Resources Managementthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Human Resources Managementwithout-messageTurkish$4,7004.5
master of Business Administrationthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Quality Management Systems and Quality Assurancewithout messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Quality Management Systems and Quality Assurancethe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of journalismwithout messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of journalismthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Local Authorities and Local Administrationthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Local Authorities and Local Administrationwithout-messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Medical Microbiologythe messageTurkish$8,5008
Master of Digital Marketing (Online)without the messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Accounting and Auditingthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Accounting and Auditingwithout-messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Strategic Marketing and Brand Managementwithout messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of International Economicsthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of International Economicswithout the messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Business Administration Managerswithout messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Public Relations and Advertisingthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Public Relations and Advertisingwithout the messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Private Lawthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Private Lawthe messageTurkish4.74.5
Master of Public Lawthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Public Lawwithout-messageTurkish4.74.5
Master of Visual Artsthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Turkish Language and Literaturethe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Primary Educationthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Primary Educationwithout-messageTurkish4.74.5
Master of Psychologythe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Psychologywithout-messageTurkish4.74.5
Master of Teaching Turkish Languagethe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of EducationManagementthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of International Relations and Intelligence Studiesthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of International Relations and Terrorism Researchthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Graphic Designthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Arabic Language Trainingthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Arabic Language Trainingwithout-messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Information Technology Lawthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Sociologythe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Historythe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Film and Televisionthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Film and Televisionwithout-messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Translation, Interpretation and Interpretationthe messageTurkish - Russian$5,0004.7
Master of Modern Mediathe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Modern Mediawithout-messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Pre-School Educationthe messageTurkish$5,0004.7
Master of Pre-School Educationthe messageTurkish4.74.5
Master of Business Administration (distance education)without messageTurkish$4,7004.5
Master of Computer Engineeringthe messageTurkish$5,3005
Master of Information Technologywithout messageTurkish54.8
Master of Teaching Technologywithout messageTurkish54.8
MSc Food Engineeringthe messageTurkish$5,3005
Master of Architecturethe messageTurkish$5,3005
Master of Architectural Designthe messageTurkish$5,3005
Master of Architectural Designwithout-messageTurkish$5,0004.8
Master of Urban Designwithout messageTurkish54.8
Master of Mechanical Engineeringthe messageTurkish$5,3005
Master of Civil Engineeringthe messageTurkish$5,3005
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringthe messageTurkish$5,7005.5
Master of Mechatronics Engineeringthe messageTurkish$5,3005
Master of Civil Engineering, Project Management and Building Constructionwithout messageTurkish54.8
Master of Urban Renewalthe messageTurkish54.8
Master of Food Safetythe messageTurkish$5,3005
Master of Occupational Health and Safetythe messageTurkish5.35
Master of Occupational Health and Safetywithout-messageTurkish54.8
Master of Family Counseling and Guidancethe messageTurkish$8,5008
Master of Family Counseling and Guidancewithout-messageTurkish$8,0007.5
Master of Health Care Managementwithout messageTurkish$8,0007.5
Master of Health Care Managementthe messageTurkish$8,5008
Master of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitationthe messageTurkish$8,5008
Master of Sports and Physical Educationthe messageTurkish$8,5008
MSc Nutrition and Food Sciencethe messageTurkish$8,5008
Master of Clinical Psychologythe messageTurkish$8,5008
Master of Clinical Psychologywithout-messageTurkish$8,5008
Master of Social Workthe messageTurkish$8,5008
Master of Social Workwithout-messageTurkish$8,0007.5
Master of Audioologythe messageTurkish$8,5008000
MSc in Periodontologythe messageTurkish$11,000$11,000
Master of Topical Preventive DentistryWithout the letter/messageTurkish$11,000$11,000
Master of Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgerythe messageTurkish$11,000$11,000
Master of OrthodonticsThe message/no messageTurkish$11,000$11,000
Master of Teaching Englishthe messageEnglish$5,5505.2
Master of Teaching Englishwithout-messageEnglish5.25
Master of English Language and Literaturethe messageEnglish$5,5505.2
Master of Political Science and International Relationsthe messageEnglish$5,5505.2
Master of Political Science and International Relationswithout-messageEnglish5.25
Master of Energy Technologywithout-messageEnglish5.75.5
Master of Energy Technologythe messageEnglish$6,0005.7
Master of Business Administrationthe messageEnglish$5,5505.2
Master of Business Administrationwithout-messageEnglish5.25
Master of Business management for Business Managerswithout messageEnglish5.25
Master of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciencethe messageEnglish$6,0005.7
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringthe messageEnglish$6,0005.7
Preparatory year for language studyEnglish21002100
Preparatory year for language studyTurkish15001500
Specializationstudy durationthe languageProgram tuition fees
PhDs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering4English8000
PhDs in Mechanical Engineering4English8000
PhDs in English Language and Literature4English$8,000
PhDs in political science and international relations4English$8,000
PhDs in Business Administration4English8000
PhDs in Business Administration4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in accounting and auditing4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Turkish Language and Literature4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in public relations and advertising4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Graphic Design4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Pre-Primary Education4Turkish7000
PhDs in Audioology4Turkish$7,000
PhD in Occupational Health and Safety4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in physical education and sports4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Private Law4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Public Law4Turkish7000
PhDs in Computer Engineering4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Mechanical Engineering4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Food Engineering4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Film and Television4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in civil engineering4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Architecture4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Food Safety4Turkish$7,000
PhDs in Medical Microbiology4Turkish7000
Periodontology PhD4Turkish$11,000
PhDs in orthodontics4Turkish$11,000
PhDs in Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery4Turkish11
PhDs in Prosthodontics4Turkish$11,000
PhDs in Endodontics4Turkish$11,000

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