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Establishment of Istanbul Ariel University

Istanbul Ariel University is one of the most prominent private Turkish universities in Turkey. The university was established in 2007. The university is located in the European side of Istanbul. The university includes many faculties, namely: Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Economics and Management, Faculty of Communications, College of Fine Arts, College of Health Sciences and Colleges of Foreign Languages. It also includes a number of schools and vocational institutes

Istanbul Ariel University Mission

The mission of Istanbul Ariel University is to carry out education, research and community service activities in line with international quality standards; Raising individuals who are sensitive to Atatürk’s principles and republican values, who are aware of being a global person, respect the rule of law, moral principles, human rights and differences, think critically and creatively, and have high self-confidence.

The vision of Istanbul Ariel University

Istanbul Ariel University’s vision is to become a world-renowned research and contemporary university that educates individuals who can identify and analyze ever-changing social, cultural, economic and technological needs, and conduct scientific research and innovative professional activities to meet these needs.

Research centers at the university

The technology and engineering center that we call the ArelTech Center

Polymer and Composite Materials Research Center

Technology Transfer Center

Translation and translation technology laboratories

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Chemistry Laboratories

University majors

Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before discountafter discount
Associate of Accounting and tax applications2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of aircraft technology2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of anesthesia2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of AppliedEnglish Translation2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Architectural restoration2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Banks and Insurance2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Business Management2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Civil aviation cabin services2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of child development2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Civil Aviation Administration2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of computer programming2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of construction technology2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of cooking art2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of electrician2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of electronics technology2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of fashion design2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of first aid and emergency2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of graphic design2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Health Institutions Management2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Human Resources Management2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Industrial die casting2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of International Trade2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of jewelry design2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Justice2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Logistics2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Machine mechanics2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Marketing Management2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Medical and secretarial documentation2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of medical imaging technology2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of medical laboratory techniques2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Occupational Health and Safety2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Office management and executive assistance2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of optics2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Physiotherapy2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of printing and publishing technologies2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of public relations and advertising2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Radio and television2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of real estate and property management2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of securities and capital markets2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of tourism and hospitality management2Turkish$4,000$1800
Associate of Tourist guides2Turkish$4,000$1800
Specializationthe yearsthe languageExpenses before discountExpenses after discount
Bachelor of Medicine6Turkish$15,000$13,000
Bachelor of computer engineering4English$7,000$2950
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English$7,000$2950
Bachelor of industrial engineering4English$7,000$2950
Bachelor of BusinessManagement4English$7,000$2950
Bachelor of International Relations4English$7,000$2950
Bachelor of International Trade and Finance4English$7,000$2950
Bachelor of Molecular Biology and Genetics4English$7,000$2950
Bachelor of Biomedical engineering4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of civil engineering4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of computer engineering4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of mechanical engineering4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Business Administration4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of psychology4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Sociology4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Turkish Language and Literature4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Fashion and textile design4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of graphic design4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of International Relations4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Cinema and television4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Journalism4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of New Media and Communications4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Public Relations and Advertising4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Visual Communication Design4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of architecture4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Industrial Product Design4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Interior architecture4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of child development4Turkish$6,000$2300
Bachelor of Healthcare administration4Turkish$6,000$2300
Bachelor of nursing4Turkish$6,000$2300
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish$6,000$2300
Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4Turkish$6,000$2300
Bachelor of social work4Turkish$6,000$2300
Bachelor of Accounting and financial management4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Finance and banking4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of International logistics and transportation4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Real Estate and valuation of assets or property4Turkish$6,000$2000
Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management4Turkish$6,000$2000
Preparatory school for the English language1English$7,000$2950
Preparatory school for the Turkish language1Turkish$6,000$2000
Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before deduction for the programExpenses after deduction for the program
Master of Business Administration (without thesis)1.5English$7,000$3300
Master of Business Administration (Thesis)2English$9000$4,000
Master of Accounting and Finance (without thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Medical Psychology (Without Thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of International Relations (without the thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Commerce and International Relations (without the thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Fashion Design (Without Thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Graphic Design (Without Thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Mechanical Engineering (Without Thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Without Thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Architecture (Without Thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Hotel Management (without the thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Health Institutions Management (without the thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Accounting and Auditing (without thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Psychology (Without Thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Urban Systems Engineering (Without Thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Engineering Management (without the thesis)1.5Turkish$6,000$2,800
Master of Nursing (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Architecture (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Graphic Design (with thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Fashion Design (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Hotel Management (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Urban Systems Engineering (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Sociology (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Political Science and Public Administration (with thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (With Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Mechanical Engineering (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Engineering Management (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Health Institutions Management (with thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Accounting and Auditing (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Accounting and Finance (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Psychology (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Medical Psychology (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of International Relations2Turkish$8,000$3,500
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Master of Commerce and International Relations (with thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Turkish Language and Literature (Thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of Media and Cultural Studies (by thesis)2Turkish$8,000$3,500
Master of in Clinical Psychology1.5Turkish$12,000$5,500
Master of Clinical Psychology2Turkish$16,000$7,500
Specializationstudy durationthe languageExpenses before deduction for the programExpenses after deduction for the program
PhDs in architecture4Turkish$12,000$5,500
PhDs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering4Turkish$12,000$5,500
PhDs in Mechanical Engineering4Turkish$12,000$5,500
PhDs in Medical Psychology4Turkish$12,000$5,500
PhDs in International Relations and Politics4Turkish$12,000$5,500
PhDs in Graphic Design4Turkish$12,000$5,500
PhDs in Business Administration and Management4Turkish$12,000$5,500
PhDs in Accounting and Financial Management4Turkish$12,000$5,500
PhDs in Clinical Psychology4Turkish$18,000$8,500

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