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Founding of Ishik University

Since its founding in 1996, Ishik University has now fostered 5 faculties with 35 undergraduate programs, 2 vocational schools with 21 associate degree programs, higher institutes of social sciences and applied sciences, a foreign language school, and a center for continuing education.

Isik University has established two campuses – in Şile and Maslak – close to modern city life as well as in a natural environment with modern infrastructure, classrooms, dormitories, libraries, social and sports facilities, and an art gallery. The College of Fine Arts, the Vocational Schools, the Continuing Education Center, the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of Applied Sciences are located on the campus in the Maslak District; All other faculties and departments are located on the campus in Sile District

University majors

Specializationstudy yearslanguage of specializationFee before discountFee after discount
Management Information System 4English6.000$3.000$
Political Science and Public Administration 4English6.000$3.000$
International Relations 4English6.000$3.000$
 Logistics Management 4English6.000$3.000$
International Trade and Finance 4English6.000$3.000$
Business Administration4English6.000$3.000$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design4English6.000$3.000$
Computer Engineering4English8.000$4.000$
Biomedical Engineering4English8.000$4.000$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English8.000$4.000$
Mechatronics Engineering4English8.000$4.000$
Civil Engineering4English8.000$4.000$
Software Engineering4English8.000$4.000$
Industrial Engineering4English8.000$4.000$
Mechanical Engineering4English8.000$4.000$
Radio, Television and Cinema4Turkish6.000$3.000$
Visual Communication Design4Turkish6.000$3.000$
Management Information System4Turkish6.000$3.000$
Industrial Products Design4Turkish6.000$3.000$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design4Turkish6.000$3.000$
Specializationstudy yearslanguage of specializationFee before discount
Master of Computer EngineeringThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Computer EngineeringNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Civil EngineeringThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Civil EngineeringNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Electrical EngineeringThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Electrical EngineeringNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Industrial EngineeringThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Industrial EngineeringNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Mechanical EngineeringThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Mechanical EngineeringNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Information TechnologiesThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Information TechnologiesNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Executive MBAThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Executive MBANon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of MathematicsThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Technology & Innovation ManagementNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Applied EconomicsThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Applied EconomicsNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of International RelationsThesisEnglish3500$
Master of International RelationsNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Middle Eastern StudiesNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Management Information SystemsNon-ThesisEnglish3500$
Master of Executive MBAThesisTurkish3500$
Master of Executive MBANon-ThesisTurkish3500$
Specializationstudy yearslanguage of specializationFee before discount
Ph.D. in Contemporary Business4English7000$
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering4English7000$
Ph.D. in Mathematics4English7000$
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering4English7000$

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