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Founding of Al-Biruni University

Biruni University, with the aim of finding and training the next generation, took its place in the Turkish higher education system as a civic institution in 2014.

Biruni University, which has more than 6.000 students, including more than 200 international students, the university has 6 faculties located on the European side of Istanbul is the most comprehensive university in Turkey. Biruni University offers an innovative approach to education with strong international cooperation and aims to educate pioneers with strong international relations between the university and foreign universities, operating under the Erasmus program and international partnerships.

Al-Biruni University is particularly interested in medical specializations and has its own hospital that enables students to apply directly during the study period.

Advantages of studying at Al-Biruni University

  • The university provides many effective services that contribute to building and developing society through its six colleges
  • The university is located in the heart of Istanbul in a strategic place that enables the student to practice all his activities outside the campus easily
  • The university includes science and research laboratories equipped with the latest technologies
  • The university has an experienced and qualified faculty and the number of teachers reaches 300
  • It has advanced technological hospitals, as it is a university specialized in the field of health sciences.
  • It provides students with a lot of international opportunities by developing cooperation with leading international health institutions in the field of education

University majors

Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses after discount
Bachelor of Medicine6English$20,000
Bachelor of Medicine6Turkish$15,300
Bachelor of Dentistry5English$17,000
Bachelor of Dentistry5Turkish$13,500
Bachelor of Pharmacy5English$12,000
Bachelor of Pharmacy5Turkish$9000
Bachelor of English Language Teaching4English$2,200
Bachelor of Nursing4English$3,600
Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4English$3,600
Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering4English$3850
Bachelor of Computer engineering4English$3850
Bachelor of Molecular Biology and Genetics4English$3850
Bachelor of Molecular Biology and Genetics4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy4English$3,600
Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Audioology4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4Turkish$2,600
Bachelor of Healthcare Management4Turkish$4,000
Bachelor of Psychological Counseling and Guidance4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Child Development4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy4Turkish$4,000
Bachelor of Mathematics Teaching for Primary Schools4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Teaching the Turkish language4Turkish$4,000
Bachelor of Special Education Teaching4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of computer engineering4Turkish$2,600
Bachelor of Software Engineering4Turkish$4,000
Bachelor of Interior architecture4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Pre-School Teaching4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy4Turkish$3060
Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Midwifery4Turkish$2,200
Bachelor of Nursing4Turkish$2,600
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish$2,200
Preparatory year for the study of English1English$3024
Preparatory year for studying English for medical specialties1English$6,000
Preparatory year for studying the Turkish language1TurkishFree for students enrolled in the university
Specializationstudy yearsExpenses after discount
Associate of Anesthesi (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Applied English and Translation (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Audiometry (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Biomedical Device Technology (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Child Development (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Computer Programming (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Cookery (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Dental Prosthesis Technology (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Dialysis (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Disaster and Emergency Management (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Electroneurophysiology (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of First Aid and Emergency (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Interior Design (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Medical Documentation and Secretarial (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Medical Imaging Technologies (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Occupational Health and Safety (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Operation Room Services (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Optometry (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Oral and Dental Health (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Pathology Laboratory Techniques (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Physiotherapy (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Radiotherapy (Turkish)2 $ 1,700.00
Associate of Social Service Worker2 $ 1,700.00

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