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Founding of Bahçeşehir University (BAU)

“University of the World” This is what is known as Bahcesehir University, which is a private educational institution in Turkey, located in the heart of the European side of Istanbul on the Bosphorus Strait. Founded in 1998, the university is distinguished by its global campus in eight countries around the world, which are Washington and Silicon Valley in the United States of America, Berlin in Germany, Toronto in Canada, Georgia, China, Italy and Northern Cyprus, and that is why the university is considered a global forum of the most preferred universities for foreign students and this is what anyone who visits the university notices

Bahcesehir University is considered one of the most prominent universities in the world due to the local and international recognitions and awards it has received, such as the United Nations Prize for Higher Education in recognition of its efforts in the field of higher education, its cooperation with the labor market and the graduation of students with professional experience and competence.

University mission

As a higher education institution dedicated to teaching, research, and community service

The mission of Bahçeşehir University is to educate the leading workforce of the future who have an enlightened mind and critical thinking ability sensitive to local and global issues; achieving international standards; Contribute to scientific, technological and cultural knowledge

University vision

Bahçeşehir University expects to be the leading force regionally and nationally in the promotion of knowledge. Bahcesehir University aims to educate students who are committed to promoting respect for the rights of others, who are aware and value human differences, and the constructive expression of ideas

Why study at Bahcesehir University?

  • A university with a global campus in 8 countries around the world
  • Its location in the heart of Istanbul, which makes it a link between the European and Asian continents, which facilitates transportation to and from Friday, as the university provides a free shuttle service for its students through the university’s boats between the two campuses, northern Besiktas, southern Besiktas.
  • The university provides its students with an opportunity to receive education from different points around the world
  • The university has won many local and international recognitions
  • Equal teaching staff
  • The university adopts English as the main language in the university
  • A university that provides more than 204 educational programs in various disciplines and fields
  • The university provides its services not only to its students but also organizes programs for graduates and graduate candidates.

Research centers at the university

Center for Economic and Social Research (BETAM)

Counseling Center (PDRM)

Continuing Education Center (BAUSEM)

Civilization Research Center (MEDAM)

Center for Transportation Implementation Research (UYGAR)

Gallipoli Centennial Center for Implementation and Research

Carrier Center for Development, Implementation and Research for Educators (ÖGAM)

Center for International Leadership Research and Implementation

School of Government and Leadership

Center for American Studies

Creative Industries Research and Implementation Center (Bokem)

Center for Health, Society and Prevention Studies (CHSPS)

Development of the Center for Technical and Vocational Education (METGEM)

Turkish Strait Applications and Research Center

Application and Research Center for Social Responsibility

Application and Research Center for International Financial Research

Turkish as a Second Language Center

Learning and Teaching Center

University majors

Specializationstudy yearslanguage of specializationFee before discount
Management of Health Institutes4English7900$
Nutrition and Dietetics4English7900$
Social Work4English7900$
Psychological Counseling & Guidance4English7900$
Computer Education & Instructional Technologies4English7900$
Pre-School Education4English7900$
Industrial Product Design4English7900$
English Language Teaching4English7900$
Educational Sciences4English7900$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4English7900$
Photography and Video4English7900$
Aviation Training4English7900$
Digital Game Design4English7900$
Communication design4English7900$
Political Sciences and International Relations4English7900$
Cartoon & Animation4English7900$
Artificial Intelligence Engineering4English7900$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English7900$
Civil Engineering4English7900$
Cinema and Television4English7900$
New media4English7900$
Public Relations4English7900$
Molecular Biology and Genetics4English7900$
Industrial Engineering4English7900$
Computer Engineering4English7900$
Biomedical Engineering4English7900$
Energy Systems Engineering4English7900$
Management Engineering4English7900$
Mechatronics Engineering4English7900$
Software Engineering4English7900$
American Culture and Literature4English7900$
European Union Relations4English7900$
Economics and Finance4English7900$
Business Administration4English7900$
Logistics Management4English7900$
International Finance4English7900$
International Trade4English7900$
Interior Architecture & Environmental Design4English7900$
Law430% English & 70% Turkish7900$
Flight Training4English7900$
Psychological Counseling & Guidance4Turkish7900$
Pre-School Education4Turkish6075$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish7900$
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish7900$
English Preparation Program1English7900$
Turkish Preparation Program1Turkish3890$
Specializationstudy yearslanguage of specializationFee before discountFee after discount
Master of Architecture with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Bi0Engineering with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Computer Engineeringwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Big Data Analytics and Managementwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Industrywith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Cyber Securitywith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Energy Systems Operation and Technologieswith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Engineering Managementwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Industrial Engineering with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Industrial Design and Innovation Management with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Information Technologywith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Mechatronics Engineeringwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)with/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Executive MBAwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Financial Economicswith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Managementwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of International Affairswith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Cognitive NeuroPsychology with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Business Administrationwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master Game Design with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Marketingwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Capital Markets and Financewith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Film and Television with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Strategic Design and Managementwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Global Affairs with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of History with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Educational Technologywith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of English Language Educationwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Risk Engineering & ManagementNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of English Language Education (Distance Learning)with/Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Higher Education Administration and Leadership with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Talent and Gifted Education with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Guidance and Counseling with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Neuroscience with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Clinical Psychology with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of  Cyber Security with ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of  Technical Textile Non-ThesisEnglish12.000$9.000$
Master of Pharmaceutical Medicine with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Architecture Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Construction Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Energy and Environment Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Engineering Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Information Technologywith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Interior Design with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Sound Technologieswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Urban Systems & Transportation Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Business Administrationwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Advanced Acting with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Human Resourceswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Private Law with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Public Law with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Global Business and Marketingwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of International Relations and International Politicswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Business Administrationwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Accounting and International Reporting Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Advertising and Brand Management and Networkingwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Special Rights with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Marketing Communications and Public Relationswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Capital Markets and Commercial Law with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Sports Management with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Strategic Marketing and Brand Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Distance Education and International Relations and Politicswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Management Information Systems without  with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Instructional Technologieswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Education Administration and Planning with/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Educational Design and Evaluation with/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Early Childhood Education with/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Higher Education Administration with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of School Education Technology with/Non ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Talent and Gifted Education with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Guidance and Counseling with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master Chiropractic with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Family Counseling with/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Health Informatics with/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Healthcare Management with/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Nursing with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Nutrition and Dietetics with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Cognitive Neuroscience with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Social Work with/Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Tourism & Hospitality ManagementWith ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Sports Management with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of PhilosophyWith ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Industry Digital Transformation with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Accounting & International Reporting Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Advertising & Brand Communication Management with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Information Law with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Actuarial Science Non-ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Applied Mathematics with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Supply Chain and Logistic Management with ThesisTurkish12.000$9.000$
Master of Textile Engineering with ThesisTurkish12.000$12.000$
Specializationstudy yearslanguage of specializationFee before discountFee after discount
Ph.D. Business Administration4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Finance & Economics4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. In Architecture & Design4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Cinema & Media Research4English40000$40000$
PhD. in Political Sciences & International Relations4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Neuroscience4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Business Engineering4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering4English40000$ 40000$
Ph.D. of Industrial Engineering4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. Of History, Theory & Criticism in Design4English40000$40000$
PhD. in Teaching English4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Nursing4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Nursing4English40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Educational Technology4Turkish40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Public Law4Turkish40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Private Law4Turkish40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Advertising & Public Relations4Turkish40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Engineering Management4Turkish40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Mathematics4Turkish40000$40000$
Ph.D. In Educational Technology4Turkish40000$40000$
Ph.D. In Guidance & Psychological Counseling4Turkish40000$40000$
Ph.D. in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation4Turkish40000$40000$

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