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Founding of Ankara University

Ankara University of Science is one of the newest and most innovative universities in Turkey, with a privileged location in the middle of the Anatolian region of Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey. The university was established to achieve a real change in the educational system, and to develop the capabilities of students. Where it prioritizes expanding the students’ view and increasing their knowledge of the various challenges of the future in all conceptual and applied ways, and then helping them to find sustainable and effective solutions to develop society to create a better life.

English is the language of study approved at Ankara Science University, and the university focuses all its efforts in 3 faculties as follows:

  • Faculty of Engineering: Students in its various departments will be able to develop their skills for real benefit to people, and they will have opportunities to learn from the experiences of scientists working in different fields and on already vital topics.
  • College of Art and Design: The college offers its students the experience of research and talent release, to encourage them to be creative, design and implement different ideas.
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences: The college aims to deepen students’ knowledge of social challenges and understand the nature of relationships, to contribute to the implementation of projects that support society in all its categories and help them adapt within society in various ways. Ankara University of Science strives to achieve research excellence related to social sciences such as information management systems and translation, as well as global political research.
التخصص سنوات الدراسةلغة التخصصالرسوم قبل الخصم الرسوم بعد الخصم
هندسة الكمبيوتر4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
الهندسة الكهربائية والإلكترونيات4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
الهندسة الصناعية4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
هندسة البرمجيات4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
العمارة الداخلية والتصميم البيئي4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
 إدارة نظم المعلومات4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
الإعلام والاتصالات4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
علم النفس4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
التصميم السينمائي والإدارة4الإنجليزية7500$6000$
الترجمة والترجمة الفورية4الإنجليزية7500$6000$