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Founding of Altınbash University

A university that has adopted the slogan “Leadership with Science” as its main objective as one of the best Turkish universities in general. Since its establishment in 2008, Altinbas University started accepting students in 2011 and now continues to make its mark day in and day out in the scientific community with its 9 Faculties, 3 Graduate Schools, 2 Professional Schools, 3 Research Centers, 30 Undergraduate Programs and 32 Degree Programs fellowship, 12 graduate programs and 6 doctoral programs. With the increase in scholarship allocation rate, our university continues to be a center of attraction for all students from all over the world

The university prides itself on being a “leader in science”. It makes the necessary investments to ensure that the highest standards are reached as a university, and it employs highly qualified academic staff and researchers, all of whom are graduates of the best universities in the world in their fields.

Wherever you are, and whatever you plan to study, the university’s global reach, academic excellence and dedicated support can help you on the path to professional and personal success.

Why to study in Altenbash ?

  • Strong academic staff with PhDs from internationally known universities with teaching experience in top universities and work experience in local and international institutions
  • A university that focuses on effective education and practical training under a strong educational infrastructure in model classrooms with an interest in having an academic advisor for each student.
  • Teaching in English as an essential language in an integrated way with the educational curriculum at the university by having faculty members with experience in teaching in English
  • Education in close relationship with the world Training courses, social responsibility projects, entrepreneurship courses, summer studies and dual degree programs at universities abroad.
  • My university campus is a group of well-equipped medical, engineering and scientific laboratories that include all technical technological means
  • It has many educational and exchange programs through links with more than 270 universities in 40 countries, in addition to the Erasmus program that allows a student to study in any European country.
  • The career center at the university to help students find jobs before graduation and a large number of scholarship share such as achievement grants and scholarships for those who will pursue a master’s degree education at the university.
  • It holds credits from the European Union and a number of Arab countries, on top of these countries are Iraq and the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • City University in Istanbul; a rich history, cultural and natural aesthetics; entertainment city, youth and students; Relatively cheap, high quality life options

Altnbash in numbers

9 colleges, 3 graduate schools, 2 vocational schools, 1 foreign language school
More than 100 study programmes.
3 campus complexes in the heart of Istanbul and a contract with a hospital
It ranks third among Turkish universities in terms of the number of foreign students, which is popular among foreign students
Students from 85 countries in the world 13807
Student club 70
Libraries, 56,553 printed publications, more than 1,350,000 digital books and academic publications 4
Presenting 80 programs.
There are 3 campuses and 1 hospital in the heart of Istanbul.
13,807 foreign students from 85 countries
That is the largest health sciences campus among Turkish universities.
Joint relations with more than 300 universities in 45 countries of the world
The expenditures for studying the English language are determined on the basis of the specialization in which the student is enrolled.

University majors

Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before discountExpenses after discount
Bachelor of Medicine6English$25,000$21,000
Bachelor of Dentistry5 70% Turkish, 30% English$20,000$16,000
Bachelor of Pharmacy5English$15,000$11,000
Bachelor of Economics4English$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration4English$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of International Relations4English$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of International Logistics Management4English$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of Sociology4English$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of International Trade4English$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of Industrial engineering4English$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of Software Engineering4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of civil engineering4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of computer engineering4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of architecture4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of mechanical engineering4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of Healthcare Management4Turkish$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of BusinessManagement4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of Interior architecture and environmental design4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of psychology4English$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of Interior architecture and environmental design4Turkish$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of Cinema and television4Turkish$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of Management Information System4Turkish$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of Gastronomy and Culinary4Turkish$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of jewelry design4Turkish$8,500$3,500
Bachelor of law430% English, 70% Turkish$8,500$4,500
Bachelor of German Turkish Law (jointly with the University of Cologne / Germany)450% Turkish, 50% German$8,500$4,000
Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before discountExpenses after discount
Associate of Oral and Dental Health2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Operation Room Services2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of First Aid and Emergency2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Audiometry2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Anesthesia2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Optometry2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Radiotherapy2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Medical Imaging Techniques2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Physiotherapy2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Medical Documentation and Secretarial2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Associate of Medical Laboratory Techniques2Turkish$4,250$1,500
Specializationstudy durationthe languageExpenses before deduction for the programExpenses after deduction for the program
Master of Electrical and Computer Engineeringthe messageEnglish$6,900$5,500
Master of Information Technologythe messageEnglish$6,900$5,500
Master of Architecturethe messageEnglish$6,900$4,500
Master of Data Analysisthe messageEnglish$6,900$4,500
Master of Civil Engineeringthe messageEnglish$6,900$5,500
Master of Industrial Engineeringthe messageEnglish$6,900$4,500
Master of Mechanical Engineeringthe messageEnglish$6,900$5,500
Master of Business Administrationthe messageEnglish$6,900$5,500
Master of International Taxationthe messageEnglish$6,900$4,500
Master of Information Technologythe messageEnglish$6,900$5,500
Master of Biomedical Sciencesthe messageEnglish$6,900$5,500
Master of Political Science and International Relationsthe messageEnglish$6,900$4,500
Master of Orthodonticsthe messageEnglish$25,000 annually$25,000 annually
Master of Aesthetic Dentistrythe messageEnglish$16,200 annually$16,200 annually
Master of Clinical Periodontologythe messageEnglish$16,200 annually$16,200 annually
Master of Periodontologythe messageTurkish$16,200 annually$16,200 annually
Master of Pediatric Dentistrythe messageTurkish$16,200 annually$16,200 annually
Master of International Trade Lawthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
master of Business Administrationthe messageTurkish$6,900$5,500
Master of Accounting and Auditingthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Financial Economicsthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Private Lawthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Public Lawthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Data Analysisthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Industrial Engineeringthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Electrical and Computer Engineeringthe messageTurkish$6,900$5,500
Master of International Taxationthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Information Technologythe messageTurkish$6,900$5,500
Master of Political Science and International Relationsthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Strategic Marketing and Brandingthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,500
Master of Biomedical Sciencesthe messageTurkish$6,900$5,500
Master of Arts and Designthe messageTurkish$6,900$4,000
Master of Histology and Embryologythe messageTurkish$6,900$4,000
Master of Psychologythe messageTurkish$6,900$5,500
Master of Clinical Psychologythe messageTurkish$6,900$5,500
Specializationstudy yearsthe languageExpenses before deduction for the programExpenses after deduction for the program
PhD in International Relations4English$19,800$10,000
PhDs in Electrical and Computer Engineering4English$19,800$10,000
PhDs in Business Administration4English$19,800$10,000
PhDs in Periodontology4English$19,800$19,800
PhD in International Relations4Turkish$19,800$10,000
PhDs in Private Law4Turkish$19,800$10,000
PhDs in Public Law4Turkish$19,800$10,000
PhDs in Electrical and Computer Engineering4Turkish$19,800$10,000
PhDs in Business Administration4Turkish$19,800$10,000
PhDs in Pediatric Dentistry4Turkish$19,800$19,800
PhDs in Health Care Management4Turkish$19,800$19,800
PhDs in Prothetic Dental Treatment4Turkish$19,800$19,800
PhDs in Pharmaceutical Sciences4Turkish$19,800$19,800
PhDs in Orthodontics4Turkish$25,000$25,000

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